Arkham's Newest Detective Agency

Night Time Pursuits of the Diamente Detective Agency

Fleeing the village of St Combs in a Rover 8, the party comprising Johnny, Sam Diamante, Jacob and the young laird Patrick McKerrell, try to lose their pursuers in the dark. Maximillian Endicott (‘Max Fox’) seems to have been left behind in St Combs – what fate has befallen him , it is not known.

Along the unfamiliar road, only lit by headlamps, Johnny makes good work of not ending up in a ditch or wrapped around a tree. But it seems they have another car in pursuit. The party turn off onto a side road, in the direction of the Strathbeg Distillery.

To gauge whether the tail has been lost, they kill the lights and engine on the Rover 8 and wait. After a spell, they turn and approach again the main road, only to find that their pursuers were lying in wait. Again, stopping the engine the party disperses into the woods lining the road, as the other car approaches. Jacob and Johnny hide in the woods, lying in wait, Patrick cowers in the car and Sam disappears in the opposite direction…

Trans-Atlantic Foray

Under advice from Rev Balcombe, the agency take a job from a New England-born, Californian gentleman who is now based in Scotland. The group take a trans-Atlantic boat to England, followed by a train to Edinburgh, where a solicitor representing the estate fills in the details.

It seems the young man has recently inherited an estate on the death of his father; an estate that he had previously no knowledge of. The gentleman is currently in St Comb’s, a fishing village in Aberdeenshire, where the group then travel to meet him.

On the first night in the rainy and unwelcoming village, they attracted a small amount of wrath from the workers at the quayside. A patron in the pub who, drunkedly, explained that he hated the village.

The next day, they explored the ruin of the estate house. In the house, and the reason for the job, was signs of worrying pagan activity (ritualistic circles, sheep’s skulls, &c.); however, the trail lead to a loch-side cavern where a strange message was scrawled on the wall and an unsettling sculpture of some fantastical beast was located. The party took the football-sized sculpture and headed back to the pub in the village, where they were all staying.

Back at the pub that night, wrongly or rightly, the pub’s owner was accused of snooping outside the room where the party were discussing matters. The started a fight ending the in death of the pub’s owner, his room to be searched (finding drawings of the strange sculpture) and the pub set on fire.

The epsiode ended with the party leaving the village in the Californian’s automobile, in great haste, being pursued by a good number of the village’s residents.

What's a Yig?
Session Five - Season Finale

Several leads come to a conclusion for the detective agency.

A dead body is disposed of, a new ally is found, and the dinner party with Josh goes off with a bang. It seems he was a snake all along.

The detectives don’t really find out much about the real reason for Josh’s presence in North America, but they do know that they are over their heads. What’s a Yig?

Has Diamente met his end? What happened to the boy recovered from the underwater tunnels? Can anyone get a decent night’s sleep any longer???

More next season! Over to Ceri!

Conference of the Fishermen
Session Four

The detective agency crash a fisherman’s party in an abandoned church. The fisherman are found to be outwardly part of a KKK-type sect, anti-Catholic tendencies, but what the detectives find is much more sinister.

Help is enlisted from a biologist, who loses his mind before the night is up.

Snake in a basket
Session Three

Josh is tailed by Sam, and Sam in confronted by the former.

The group visit Jacob’s Beach & Stockport, a pairing of small villages up the coast from Manchester, to investigate a missing boy. They visit a speak-easy with a reptilian theme. Things seems a little fishy, to say the least.

A new team mate, a new job and who is Josh Wellmeat
Session Two

Calling for back up the team then remove the plinth from its underground resting place.

Eventually they return to Arkham and hand over the plinth to Wellmeat.

A call comes in from Maria, who was the professor’s cleaner and whom the detective had asked around in Manchester for. She seems to have her own problems and a meet up between the parties was arranged.

Josh is cornered regarding the professor’s disappearance. The tale of the Greek expedition is explained, with Josh confessing that he has contacts in Athens who had found the diary and brought it back to the USA for him.

Diamante follows Josh back to his mansion by car and waits outside.

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