Dr Alexenor Gohmier

Missing Person


A missing person and subject of a case gone cold with the local Arkham police.

Kept a diary. Several diaries have been read by the Agency, some with ripped out pages. Even with this evidence and the testamony of Wellmeat, there seems to be more to this case than is currently comprehended.

Gohmier lived in Manchester and presumably commuted to Arkham by train. His house was found by the Agency with a broken, but boarded, front window. His work was found untouched in the basement along with some interesting books (cf., Gohmier’s possessions).

Worked at the Miskatonic University, Arkham, as a reader in classics.

Was last known to have travelled to Greece to search, as his diary states, for the mysterious Echidna. May have lost his life in the attempt.

Was hired by Josh Wellmeat, prior to his departure to Greece, to find the red plinth artifact. It seems that Gohmier had located the artifact, but not given Wellmeat this information.

Dr Alexenor Gohmier

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