Maximillian Endicott ('Max Fox')

Max Fox, Dilettante


Attractive and well-groomed, Max is tall with slick, black, immaculate hair and a practised rakish smile. He dresses down to mingle with the masses, but a studied eye reveals his suit is perfectly cut. He has a casual, yet sophisticated, air, and when at rest his poise is that of someone always prepared to be put on a magazine cover at any moment.

STR 40 DEX 50 INT 50
CON 50 APP 80 POW 70
SIZ 50 EDU 72 Move 8

Skills above base:

Art/Craft 52
Charm 70
Credit Rating 75
Drive Auto 36
FArms:Handgun 40
Lang:Latin 40
Listen 30
Pilot(Plane) 60
Psychology 48
Spot Hidden 30
Stealth 60
Calligraphy 01

Spending Level $50
Cash $375
Assets $37,500


Significant People:

Meaningful Locations:

Treasured Possessions:



A debonair man-about-town. Grown tired of the easy life and experiencing some guilt at the relatively cushy position his family name landed him in the war, he now seeks real excitment, real thrills – y’know, the kind you read in the pulps. So he bought a slightly cheaper suit and signed on with the agency.

Maximillian Endicott ('Max Fox')

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