Sam Diamante

Low-rent gumshoe


I get fifty dollars a day plus expenses when I can get ’em, gentlemen.


That can only mean one thing. And I don’t know what it is.

Lionel Twain: That drives me crazy!
Sam Diamond: Sounds like a short ride to me.

Dora Charleston: Mr. Diamond, there’s a bullet hole in your jacket.
Sam Diamond: You should see the other guy.

Dora Charleston: Is he dead (pointing to a guy with a knife in his back)?
Sam Diamond: With a thing like that in his back, in the long run, he’s better off.


My school is the streets… …and the barrel of a revolver is my teacher.

Back from the war Sam became a low-rent gumshoe until he met again his old comrade Max, who financed and co-owns the Diamante Detective Agency

Sam Diamante

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