Arkham's Newest Detective Agency

Night Time Pursuits of the Diamente Detective Agency

Fleeing the village of St Combs in a Rover 8, the party comprising Johnny, Sam Diamante, Jacob and the young laird Patrick McKerrell, try to lose their pursuers in the dark. Maximillian Endicott (‘Max Fox’) seems to have been left behind in St Combs – what fate has befallen him , it is not known.

Along the unfamiliar road, only lit by headlamps, Johnny makes good work of not ending up in a ditch or wrapped around a tree. But it seems they have another car in pursuit. The party turn off onto a side road, in the direction of the Strathbeg Distillery.

To gauge whether the tail has been lost, they kill the lights and engine on the Rover 8 and wait. After a spell, they turn and approach again the main road, only to find that their pursuers were lying in wait. Again, stopping the engine the party disperses into the woods lining the road, as the other car approaches. Jacob and Johnny hide in the woods, lying in wait, Patrick cowers in the car and Sam disappears in the opposite direction…


rjaduthie rjaduthie

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