Arkham's Newest Detective Agency

Trans-Atlantic Foray

Under advice from Rev Balcombe, the agency take a job from a New England-born, Californian gentleman who is now based in Scotland. The group take a trans-Atlantic boat to England, followed by a train to Edinburgh, where a solicitor representing the estate fills in the details.

It seems the young man has recently inherited an estate on the death of his father; an estate that he had previously no knowledge of. The gentleman is currently in St Comb’s, a fishing village in Aberdeenshire, where the group then travel to meet him.

On the first night in the rainy and unwelcoming village, they attracted a small amount of wrath from the workers at the quayside. A patron in the pub who, drunkedly, explained that he hated the village.

The next day, they explored the ruin of the estate house. In the house, and the reason for the job, was signs of worrying pagan activity (ritualistic circles, sheep’s skulls, &c.); however, the trail lead to a loch-side cavern where a strange message was scrawled on the wall and an unsettling sculpture of some fantastical beast was located. The party took the football-sized sculpture and headed back to the pub in the village, where they were all staying.

Back at the pub that night, wrongly or rightly, the pub’s owner was accused of snooping outside the room where the party were discussing matters. The started a fight ending the in death of the pub’s owner, his room to be searched (finding drawings of the strange sculpture) and the pub set on fire.

The epsiode ended with the party leaving the village in the Californian’s automobile, in great haste, being pursued by a good number of the village’s residents.


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